Someone with early photography skills took these pictures. Thank you who ever you were.

Bates Opera House in Bunting
The then 3 story Bates Opera House

Bates Opera House in its original 3 floor configuration. The fire (see Bates Bldg page) and subsequent renovations added the 4th floor as it has today.

Parade on Park Street
Park Street Looking East

This view was likely taken from the church as the arches had not been built yet. You can see the water tower that stood about where Balfour/Riverwalk Park is today.

Crowds gathered on Academy Hill
Academy Hill now YMCA Rear Parking Lot

This is present day Sanford Street . We are looking at what would be the back parking lot and rear of the YMCA on North Main Street. View is from in front of the Academy building , barley visible in the extreme right side. The Academy Building is the home of The Attleboro Historic Preservation Society and is the oldest existing building in the city.

Horse drawn buggies at Capron Park entrance
Buggies Come and Go on Park Street

This is a view on Park Street , I previously thought these were the Capron Park gates. Upon looking at some of our silvered glass negatives I discovered that that was not the case.

Marching band in front of church
No Stone Railroad Arches Yet

This group is standing on the tracks of the North East Corridor. View is on Park Street looking towards Bank Street .

Bunting is an underused decoration these days

This is a booklet I found at an estate sale. It has a tin cover and back. It is the evenings program for the bicentennial ball.