Location for these photos is approximately in front of the Cumberland Farms on County Street at the corner of Wall Street. The buildings in the background include the former Balfour plant, the present day Norking Co / Matrix Metals building at Riverbank Road.

Recreation of 1661 Purchase
Sturdy Memorial Float with Maternity Ward and terrifying giant stork.
Car carrying the Time Capsule to be buried.
Attleboro (Celestial) Chapter of the Rotary was commemorating our July 69 landing on the moon.
Attleboro Police rolled out a pre-war paddy wagon (very cool vehicle I might add ! )
Attleboro Fire Department showing when fire trucks were convertibles (again very cool vehicle)
Very elaborate costumes for this band !
From my own family these color images
Unlimited hydroplane. The boat racers destroyed a huge number of Merlin and Allison V12 airplane engines during this period, much to the dismay of modern aircraft restorers working on WW2 fighters like the P51 and Spitfires.
Not only Budweiser delivered beer via horse drawn wagons. Most breweries during the era did. Here is a very handsome 4 horse team.
The Chamber of Commerce minted some commemorative coins for the 275th Anniversary. In 1969 this was not 3D printed or CNC’d ! This was made by a craftsperson cutting each piece out of wood and assembling this.