East Attleboro Academy building is the only remaining building from the village of East Attleborough. It is currently under a long renovation by the current lease holder, Attleboro Historic Preservation Society. The most obvious sign of progress is the new coat of paint. The color is very close to what is shown in the earliest color images.

East Attleboro Academy Building on right
Academy Building in 2000
Academy building as seen from parking garage roof
President of the AHPS Frank Monti and Mayor Robbins at lease signing

At the time of the lease signing the building was in a precarious state. While the structure was still sound the exterior was not providing good protection from the weather. Inside the various incarnations were still evident but the overall condition was pretty poor.

Interior renovation is proceeding on a schedule that is budget driven. The 1st floor is sagging badly and will need serious support fixes. You can see in some of the images below steel columns were already in place decades ago to help the original wood posts cope with the load.