Most of these are one off cards so I am combining them here. The exception is the Woodacre Tourist Cabins. For some reason, after collecting these for over 3 decades I came into a string of cards for them. Weird. I gave them a sub section at the bottom of the page.

Stateline Motor Inn was on Route 1 right where it crosses over the railroad line at the Pawtucket line. Across the bridge was the State Line Diner in Pawtucket.

Woodacre Cabins was located about where the Five Guys Burgers place is now (2019). The back of the property where the cabins were located was along Cumberland Avenue, a through way at that time connecting Rt 123 near May Street and exiting onto Route 1 between the current Friendlies and 99 restaurants.

Rhodesia Tourist Cabins is clearly labeled as being on Rt 1. At this time I have only a vague memory of it, it may have been next to the Woodacre Cabins ? I will look in the old phone books and business directories in our collection to see if I can find an actual address.

Woodacre Tourist Cabins

This appears to be the same image as above with less cropping and better contrast.