Located on South Main Street next to what is today the Larson Senior Center.

The building today is one of the biggest eyesores in the city. Missing its signature towers and upper floor architecture. It has been empty and is in my opinion likely too far gone to be saved. I was apartment shopping back in 1998 and I went to see one advertised in this building. It was in horrific condition, evidence of massive rodent infestation and the roaches didn’t even try to hide and there was an obvious stench. I was dumbfounded that anyone would try to show and rent a property in that condition, and at a fairly high price to boot. The building appears to have had zero maintenance since so I shudder to think of its current condition.

Failed Marion Group project

In 2015 The Marion Group made a proposal to reconstruct the building as a modern condominium project. It was notable for its sensitivity to the historic place this site holds. The proposed building was an homage to the Briggs Hotel with the towers and facade echoing the original. Sadly this project fizzled out without any action being taken.