Someone at the park was experimenting with some good stuff to come up with this Disneyesque nativity scene complete with a suspicious looking mushroom .
Civil War Memorial at Capron Park 2000

Civil War Memorial Info

Coordinates: 41°56’16.7″N 71°17’39.9″W
Date dedicated: June 17, 1908
Design & Granite:J. N. White & Sons of Quincy
Statue Casting: Ames Foundry
Sculptor: Finn Haakon Frolich

Finn Haakon Frolich

Originally constructed in 1908 on a small park now known as Gilbert-Perry Square (Monument Sq), the monument was moved in 1929 to its current location in Capron Park. The statues, representing a color-bearer, an infantryman and a sailor, were cast by the Ames Foundry of Chicopee. The sculptor Finn Haakon Frolich is a very notable figure, his home and studio are now a Historic Cultural Landmark in Hollywood, CA.