This is one of the earliest maps showing the Attleboro area. It includes Seekonk and Taunton by name. The scale and proportions are odd by today’s standards but think of how this was done and it is quite impressive. North is oriented to the right based on the position of Cape Cod.

1677 map of southern new england
Impressively correct considering the available tools

This map is a genuine puzzle for another reason. On the far right side there is a marker for “The Wine Hills” there exists other copies of this map where it is labeled “The White Hills”. Since this is a woodcut print a simple change to the text and the design of the markers would not have been trivial.

Based on the inset panel I am assuming this was meant as a kind of report on settler vs native relations. The purpose seems to be to show where Indian attacks had occurred.

The top right panel reads as follows:(modernized spellings)

A Map of New England
Being the first that ever was here cut, and done by
the best Pattern that could be had, which being in
some places defective, it made the other less exact
yet doth it sufficiently show the Situation of
the Country, and conveniently well the
distance of places.

The figures that are joined with the Names of Places
are to distinguish such as have been assaulted
by the Indians from others.

close up of top right inset panel
Inset Panel

Apparently he also ran into a bear somewhere north of Casco Bay and the Kennebec River in Maine : )

close up of bear doodle in lower right
Here thar be bears !