On Saturday June 22nd the AHPS had their annual fund raising yard sale at the Dodgeville Mill. Weather was fantastic and the turnout was very good. Part of the days activities was a tour of the mill building. By my rough count while standing in line I estimate that well over a hundred people took the tour. There was a lot of great items available and I admit to spending all of the cash in my pocket and still wanting more stuff.

The current owner of the mill has taken great caution to preserve the outward appearance and condition of the buildings that remain from the original complex. Some of the interior has been updated into modern offices but a vast majority of the building is in its original “working” condition.

Some of the items seen on the tour were architectural and decorative pieces from the Tappan House and some bookcases and windows from Lincoln School in South Attleboro. The goal is to create a museum in part of the space including a replication of the main living room of the Tappan House.

There is an excellent account of the mills history that was available for awhile by the late Paul Hamilton. Sadly it is now out of print and I was unable to purchase one the day of the tour because the yard sale had cleaned me out of actual cash : )

ISBN 978-1448697304