4 generations of my family grew up in Dodgeville. The area around Tiffany Street and South Main was known as “Frenchman’s Creek” due to the large number of French Canadians who settled there. The Dodgeville and Hebronville mills were responsible for attracting workers from the maritime provinces in large numbers. French was more common than English in households well into the mid 1950’s.

Aerial photo from the back cover of the book

Behind the mill there is a small island cemetery for the Dodge family. Volunteers from the Attleboro Historic Preservation Society occasionally hold a clean up day. Trash and debris is removed and the weeds are trimmed back.

2009 Book Commissioned by current owners.
ISBN: 978-1-448-69730-4
June 22 2019, AHPS fund raising sale. Tours of the mill were offered as part of the event. It was very popular by my own count there were over 100 people in line at one point.