Street Scenes

Mill Street

Mill Street runs between South Main Street near Wall Street, under the arch near the train station to Union Street. This next shot of the James E. Black Company is included here as it shows the junction of Mill Street and South Main Street.

South Main Street

The above view is an odd one. This would be the view from the roof of Christopher Heights today. You are looking across South Main Street towards the Sun Chronicle building today, Mil Street is just out of view on the right side. Morins, Larson Senior Center and Park/County Street is up the road going …

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Sanford Street

This was the location of schoolhouse hill where today is the municipal parking lot behind the YMCA. The East Attleboro Academy building still stands there today as the home to the AHPS.

Newport Avenue

Newport Avenue is Route 1A from Pawtucket but it is also Route 123 until it gets to Old Post Road. The odd location of name changes can be confusing. This image is just down the hill from Bethany Church and the old fire station. This location is just before Read St and the new fire …

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