Bliss School

This class photo includes Lawrence (Larry) Fitton, an all around gentleman and Attleboro’s Town Crier for many years.

District 17 Schoolhouse

Originally on Lindsey Street it was moved as part of the Bicentennial to Hill Roberts Elementary School on Roy Avenue in South Attleboro.

Bank Street School

This photo has a sign on the building about Dodgeville Branch Library. It was presented to me by the little girl on the far left in the back row, Cecile Harris (Langlois), my aunt. She stated that this is of her class at the Bank Street School.

East Attleboro Academy

East Attleboro Academy building is the only remaining building from the village of East Attleborough. It is currently under a long renovation by the current lease holder, Attleboro Historic Preservation Society. The most obvious sign of progress is the new coat of paint. The color is very close to what is shown in the earliest …

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Schoolhouse Hill

Schoolhouse Hill was located in what is now the YMCA rear parking lot on Sanford Street. The Academy Building is still there and can be seen in the postcards on the right. The Academy Building is home of the Attleboro Historic Preservation Society of which I am a former board member.