Post Office

The main Post Office on the corner of Union and Park streets served the city well for decades. In the late 1990’s it was moved to the middle of nowhere in the most inconvenient place possible almost in another town. My guess is that some city official had a brother-in-law that needed to lease out …

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Sturdy Memorial Hospital

Ellen A. Winsor in her will gave the Park Street mansion of her parents, James & Adah Sturdy, to the town of Attleboro. Mrs. Winsor also made arrangements for her estate to fund operation of a hospital for the towns residents. On April 14, 1913, the hospital opened its doors as Sturdy Memorial Hospital.

Public Library

The library is one of the most popular locations portrayed in postcards. Many publishers and editions exist and some even use the same base image for their hand coloring. This can lead to a “Wheres Waldo” kind of puzzle in determining if two cards are the same. There are a half dozen or so cards …

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Railroads & Stations

Attleboro is an important rail link with branch lines connecting to what is today called the Northeast Corridor. Attleboro had 5 train stations at its peak. I will divide this section up at a later date once I have reloaded all of the photos and information. The stations were:Union Station (downtown)DodgevilleHebronvilleEast Junction (Thurber Ave near …

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Fire Stations

Union Street Station South Main Street Station This station is across from Morin’s. It has been used for Civil Defense, I worked out of here during the Blizzard of 78′, and is currently the Larson Senior Center. South Attleboro Station