Private Buildings


Located on North Main Street next to the Masonic Temple and across from the library, the location was the site of “schoolhouse hill”. (see schools section). Long before Planet Fitness this was the place you joined and then never went. I remember struggling to keep my membership current because I could not budget the 2$ …

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Solomon Sanitarium

I have split this property into its two major functions. First as the Solomon Sanitarium / Attleboro Springs and then as LaSalette. The amount of information and photos that will eventually populate these pages makes sense to keep separate.

Masonic Temple

Located on North Main Street across from the library. Ezekiel Bates was a veteren of the War of 1812. Trained as an engineer he worked on the beautiful Union Station in Worcester. The Lodge was an off shoot of the Bristol Lodge. They used space in the Bronson Building prior to building the current building. …

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Bronson Building

For people of my age, this building was most well known for being the home of Attleboro’s AM radio station, 1320 WARA. Many postcards have this building in them. Its location makes it a prominent feature of many downtown street scenes. Street scenes of Park Street or County Street were often taken from the roof …

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Tappan House

The text on this page is from a letter to the Sun Chronicle during the debate on issuing the demolition permit. From: Frank A. MontiPresident, Attleboro Historic Preservation Society What is the value of a building? Real estate appraisers will tell you the value is whatever a willing buyer will pay to the seller. But …

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