F.H. Perry General Goods

The box on the shelf in the lower left appears to be for these “No Metal” shoelaces. I have no idea whatsoever what is being illustrated here. I also am dumbfounded as to how it helps sells shoelaces. Any ideas?

Motels & Lodgings

Most of these are one off cards so I am combining them here. The exception is the Woodacre Tourist Cabins. For some reason, after collecting these for over 3 decades I came into a string of cards for them. Weird. I gave them a sub section at the bottom of the page. Stateline Motor Inn …

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Holman House

This portrait artist has become well known, her works now routinely bring thousands of dollars at auction. It is unknown when or where Dr. Holman sat for this. This particular postcard is the only one I have seen that was sent and signed by the doctor himself.

Briggs Hotel

Located on South Main Street next to what is today the Larson Senior Center. The building today is one of the biggest eyesores in the city. Missing its signature towers and upper floor architecture. It has been empty and is in my opinion likely too far gone to be saved. I was apartment shopping back …

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