1831 Capron

Early on Massachusetts adopted the policy of requiring towns to provide maps, drawn to a specific scale with distances to Boston and the County Seat. This allowed them to produce a more accurate state map. Maps were to be based on a survey no more than 5 years old. Joseph Capron was chosen to perform …

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1775 Bernard Romans

This map, drawn by Bernard Romans in 1775, is the first map printed in America to show Massachusetts as an independent state. The map shows rivers, creeks, hills, and towns within each existing county in Massachusetts, as well as portions of Connecticut and Rhode Island. A detail of the Boston area includes the Shawmut peninsula, …

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Curtin Manufacturing

I think Curtin took a few liberties with the illustration of his factory. I do not think we had any 8 story factories of this magnitude within the city.

1650* Bradford

This map is most certainly NOT from 1650. It appears to be very old but has details, scale and orientations that were not refined to this level of accuracy for many years to come. It is likely made by a non professional cartographer to depict boundaries of the 1650 period for a specific purpose. It …

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Historic Site Map – AHC

The site descriptions, naming conventions and location groupings on this page were published by the Attleboro Historical Commission in June of 2003. Locations with a (NR) in their title are on the National Register of Historic Places. The original Historical Commission document can be found in .pdf format at the Historical Commissions page linked above. …

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1771 Thomas Jefferys

Many different colorized versions of this map exist. The one in our collection has the area around Attleboro shaded in pink.