The Coupes Tannery in South Attleboro ,no longer standing being demolished about 1930.

Bliss Brothers

It seems a little harsh to put this cute little ice cream stand in the factories section but I don’t have a better category for it at the moment. They did grow into the description eventually.

J.M. Bates Jewelry Co.

This is one I need to research some more once the 2019 site reload is complete. My first impression is that this looks a lot like the D.F. Briggs building on the Mill St side. Looking at a plan from 1895 however identifies this building being closer to downtown with the Briggs factory next to …

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Attleboro Clock Company

This place is a genuine riddle. No official records exist of it, but clocks and watches do. Research shows that people have been trying to find out about this manufacturer for a very long time. The best guess it that it was another clock maker that had perhaps a surplus of movements that were not …

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