Park Tavern

The Park Tavern was an Attleboro fixture for many decades. Known for their reasonable prices and quality food they were busy everyday they were open. Their Blade Meat sandwiches were legendary as was the friendly staff and regulars.

Walton & Lonsbury

Walton and Lonsbury were a metal finishing company located on North Avenue near Haywood Field. Their claim to fame was a hardened chrome plating process that they called “Walhard”. While the finish was more expensive than traditional chrome plating it was more durable and useful for marine hardware and other applications where toughness would matter. …

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First Seamless Gold Ingot

In 1969 the 275th Anniversary Committee designed a commemorative coin to celebrate one of Attleboro’s contributions to the jewelry making trade. These coins were minted in 3 materials, Bronze (un-numbered), Silver and Gold (numbered series stamped on edge). The booklets are rarely seen, in 40+ years of collecting Attleboro items I have only seen them …

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Circus Poster

Will have to research the year but likely in the 60’s or early 70’s. Location is “Next to Bubble Bath Car Wash” which was in Lonicut near the Moose Club.


This is a rabbit hole of content to publish. I could easily spend days scanning and posting covers. The current collection is uncounted but I am guessing at 800 +/- pieces. For the time being I am only posting the ones that I already have scans or images of.