2019 Our 20th Year !

To celebrate our 20th year since this site went live I am doing a complete rebuild. The modern conventions and need to be accessible on smaller screens means that it was easier just to start over.

That being said, I am doing this in a pretty random way. Let me explain. The Attleboro.org collection has grown to well over 50,000 items. There are literally 10’s of thousands of postcards and hundreds of maps. Most of these have been scanned and cataloged at the time I acquired them. (A huge thank you to my past self)

Over the years the postcards and document images have been the most popular part of the site so I am concentrating on getting those posted. Many pages right now will have little or no text accompanying the images. I will back fill that content later.

The order of addition is also pretty random since I am literally starting with a list of images sorted by catalog number, not location or category. I am adding categories and images as I come to them in the list not by adding all the schools for example. This new reload of the site will take some time but I am hoping that by our anniversary on July 4th , the site is close to fully populated.

Thank you for you patience and thank you to everyone who has visited, commented and donated items and images for the collection. I hope this site can return to being an educational and recreational resource for the place we call home.