“This little work is designed principally for the citizens of this town. The subject is not presumed to be of sufficient interest to attract the particular attention of strangers. I have, therefore, entered into details and local descriptions which will not be interesting to readers in general, but only to those who are connected with the scene by association or locality……I have labored to be accurate, but some errors have doubtless escaped the closest attention. If any should be observed, it will be esteemed a favor if those who have the means will communicate the correction.”

from the introduction of “Sketch of the History of Attleborough” John Daggett 1894

April 2

Rev. Wm. Blackstone Arrives in the Area

William Blaxton was born March 5, 1595 in Lincolnshire England. His mother died when he was 7 years old and several siblings also passed during his early years. He attended Emmanuel College and received a BA in 1617, then continued his education, culminating in a MA from Cambridge University in..Read More

April 8

Rehoboth North Purchase

It is impossible to discuss the early history of Attleborough without starting with the general history of Rehoboth. History tells us that 102 pilgrims landed in Plymouth aboard the Mayflower in 1620. By 1630 the flood gates were already open to what is called the “second emigration”and new settlers were pouring..Read More

October 19

Attleborough Township

Whereas there is a certain tract of land commonly called by the name of the North Purchase, lying within the county of Bristol, containing, in length, about ten miles, from Pawtucket River to the bounds of Taunton, and extending about eight miles, in breadth, from the line or boundary betwixt..Read More

June 14

North Attleboro Incorporated

Chap. 0412 An Act to incorporate the town of North Attleborough. Be it enacted, etc., as follows : Section 1 All that part of the town of Attleborough comprised within the following limits: that is to say, beginning at a stone monument situated in the boundary line between the town..Read More

October 19

Attleborough’s Bicentennial

Someone with early photography skills took these pictures. Thank you who ever you were. The then 3 story Bates Opera House Bates Opera House in its original 3 floor configuration. The fire (see Bates Bldg page) and subsequent renovations added the 4th floor as it has today. Park Street Looking..Read More

May 17

The Great Fire

Now just a note from me before I post this. The cover image is definitely a fire. The images inside, not so much. The photos in this book are just reproductions of common postcards. Most of the subjects were not anywhere near the fire location and some of the images..Read More

July 28
August 7

Train Wreck

I don’t know much about this accident. I came across these photographs and I never researched them. Boiler is still hot ! Going to be a difficult clean up Having a hard time nailing down this exact location

October 29

Watson Block Fire

Oct. 29, 1912, several buildings on North Main Street were destroyed in the Watson Block fire. Cupolas on the schoolhouses on Sanford Street (Schoolhouse Hill) are visible in the background.

June 17

Town of Attleborough becomes City of Attleboro

On June 17th, 1914 the General Court of Massachusetts passed an act incorporating the City of Attleboro. It is recorded as Chapter 680 :

September 21

1938 Hurricane

This 16 page booklet was produced by local photographer Frank Adams. Frank Adams was a staff photographer for the Attleboro Sun newspaper and also did freelance photography for local businesses. In the very grainy early home movie of the Tilda B Stone playground, Frank can be seen arriving . The..Read More

January 12

Thompson Chemical Plant Explosion

I remember stories from relatives who lived on South Main Street at Tiffany Street, of being knocked down on the porch of the house and having windows blown in. This must have been a terrifying event for all involved. The story was national news with the New York Times publishing..Read More

October 11

1969 275th Anniversary Parade

Location for these photos is approximately in front of the Cumberland Farms on County Street at the corner of Wall Street. The buildings in the background include the former Balfour plant, the present day Norking Co / Matrix Metals building at Riverbank Road. Recreation of 1661 Purchase Sturdy Memorial Float..Read More

November 5

LaSalette Provincial House Fire

The main building at LaSalette had several names and functions, Solomon Sanitarium, Attleboro Springs and LaSalette. A magnificent building no matter the name. Sadly in 1999 careless smoking by one of the residents resulted in the total loss of the structure and his own life. I don’t know what it..Read More